Fire Department Of Bellevue-Dayton

Our Mission

The Fire Department Bellevue-Dayton (FDBD) will provide a professional response to fire, medical and other emergencies.    We are dedicated to minimizing the loss of life and property through fire prevention, emergency operations, patient care, and excellent customer service.

The primary purpose and mission of the FDBD, consisting of career professionals and reserve staffing, is the protection of life and property within the city limits of Bellevue and Dayton, Kentucky, and outside of the cities when we are needed.

The FDBD responds to, but is not limited to, the following types of incidents:

• Structure Fires
• Vehicle Fires
• Brush Fires
• Commercial Fires
• Any incident where threat or danger from fire exist
• Auto Extrications and Rescues
• Medical Runs
• River Emergencies
• Water Rescue & Recovery
• Natural Disasters
• Terrorist Threats
• Mutual Aid Requests
• Hazardous Material Incidents

The FDBD will respond to Hazardous Material Incidents per OSHA 1910.120.     All members of the FDBD who may be involved in a Hazardous Material Incident shall meet the requirements of the OSHA 1910.120 ruling, and therefore are highly trained through the Awareness and Operations level.

The FDBD provides fire prevention and public fire education programs to city schools and the community to the extent that it is practical and to the best of its ability.      Fire Safety Inspections shall be carried out to the best ability of the Fire Inspectors of the department to commercial, residential, industrial, educational, institutional, and all places of business within the cities of Bellevue and Dayton.     Fire Inspectors shall follow the latest applicable state fire codes to bring all occupancies to a safe degree of compliance.