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Civilian Commendation Awarded to James J. Siereveld – October 9, 2016

Dayton resident, James John Siereveld was awarded the Fire Department’s highest civilian honor at the FDBD Fire Board meeting on October 19.   Mr. Siereveld was honored for getting his disabled neighbor out of her burning home before firefighters arrived.  He was honored for his “prompt and alert actions, performed at great personal risk, which specifically resulted in saving a human life from a burning building during the early morning hours of October 9, 2015.”

Two Firefighter/Medics Receive Promotions – October 1, 2016 

Lt. Chris Adkins, a 12-year veteran of  FDBD, has been promoted to Captain.   FF/Medic Brian Boyers, an 8-year veteran of FDBD, has been  promoted to Lieutenant.   Both positions became effective October 1.


Capt. Chuck Enzweiler Retires After 34 Years – September 30, 2016

Capt. Chuck Enzweiler began his much-deserved retirement from the Fire Department of Bellevue-Dayton on October 1, 2016, after 34 years of service.  He began his fire service career in 1981 with the Bellevue Fire Department, which continued when the Bellevue and Dayton Fire Departments merged in 2002.   As a Firefighter/EMT, Capt. Enzweiler provided 34-years of excellent community service and was instrumental in training new firefighters as they entered the department.  Capt. Enzweiler will be missed by all of us at the Fire Department and in the community.   We wish him great health and much happiness in his retirement.

Mock Car Crash at Bellevue High School – April 24, 2015

FDBD will conduct its annual emergency response Mock Car Crash for Bellevue High School students on April 24.     Students will watch a live, scripted scene in which teens get into a serious crash because the driver was driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.    Fire rescue will rush to the scene and pry apart the car using the Jaws of Life.     The demonstration shows students how first responders deal with a deceased driver and a trapped, severely injured passenger.

Career Day and Safety Fair at Grandview Elementary – April 24, 2015

Fireman Joe will be at Grandview Elementary School in Bellevue to talk to students about careers in firefighting on April 24.  He will also have materials available at the Safety Fair for students to read and take home to their parents.

Firefighting Named Most Stressful Job – January 2015

There are many factors that have lead to Firefighting being the most stressful job in the country.  Seeing events on a regular basis either in firefighting or EMS services that other people may not see in a lifetime can definitely change the way one looks at the world.   Fortunately, for FDBD, peer support teams provide a supportive, trusted and confidential environment for our firefighters to vent or discuss issues that may be bothering them.   In addition, the department offers outside programs that firefighters may go to for added confidential support.   To read the entire article, click here:   Firefighting Tops Most Stressful Job in US

FF/Medic Mike Gullett Returns to FDBD – April 25, 2014

Firefighter/Medic Mike Gullett of the Newport Fire Department will be returning to FDBD on April 25.    Growing up in Bellevue and having worked with the FDBD in the past, the department knows it is bringing in a well-qualified, career professional, who will serve our residents and department well.    Welcome back, Mike!

Literacy Night at Lincoln Elementary – March 11, 2014

Firefighters were invited to Lincoln Elementary School on Tuesday, March 11, to read books to children as part of the school’s Literacy Night.   This annual event helps promote reading among children and their families.   Capt. Jim Richmond, who had read two books to the children sitting at his table, was greeted with cheers and clapping at the end of the evening.    “I’ve never had anyone clap for my reading ability,” Richmond said.    Other firefighters who were involved in Literacy Night were Lt. Rob Duke, FF/Medic Brian Boyers, FF/Medic Shayne Schnell, and FF/Medic Cle Weitzel.

Dayton Students Get CPR and Basic First Aid Training – January 14-16, 2014
Students at Dayton High School and Lincoln Elementary received CPR and Basic First Aid classes from FDBD FF/Medics in January.    FF/Medics had the students practice on adult and infant CPR dummies and perform some basic first aid techniques.    Although the training did not certify the students, they were encouraged to take a certified course.    Approximately 300 students were involved in the training over the course of several days.