Fire Department Bellevue-Dayton


Fire Department Bellevue-Dayton

Notice of March Fire Board Meeting

The next Fire Board meeting will be held on Monday, March 2, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Bellevue Callahan Center.   The public is invited to attend.

The Two-Minute Rule

U.S. Fire Administration statistics show that the winter months are when people are at a greater risk for home fires. Do you and your family know what to do if your smoke alarms start blaring and you wake up to find smoke filling up the room?

According to the American Red Cross (ARC), fire experts agree that people have about two minutes to escape a burning home.   Having a fire escape plan that includes the following will greatly reduce your chances of a fire-related death or injury:

  • Make sure all members of the household know how to get out of every room in the house.
  • Pick a place outside where everyone can meet and be sure everyone knows where it is.
  • Practice waking up to smoke alarms, low crawling and meeting outside.
  • Practice your home fire drill until everyone in the house can do it in less than two minutes.
  • Make sure everyone knows that getting out of the house comes first, then call 911.
  • For tips on creating a home fire escape plan, click here:  HOUSE FIRES

Welcome to the Fire Department Bellevue-Dayton!

The Fire Department Bellevue-Dayton (FDBD) is a Kentucky Limited Liability Corporation that provides both fire and emergency medical services (EMS) to approximately 13,000 citizens who reside in the cities of Bellevue and Dayton, Kentucky.

Our response area includes a CSX railroad system that runs through both cities, sections of the Ohio River, Interstate I-471, and the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge leading to and from Cincinnati, Ohio.     The department is a contracted member of Northern Kentucky Mutual Aid, wherein we also provide fire and EMS services to neighboring cities when needed.

The fire department employs 16 full-time emergency personnel, one part-time Public Education Officer and one full-time administrative assistant.     The station is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with five full-time career personnel on each of its 24-hour rotating shifts.    All emergency personnel are certified by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and are required to have 100 firefighter training hours annually.

The FDBD’s Fire Inspection Division performs more than 240 commercial and residential fire inspections and issues approximately 75 burn permits each year.     In addition, the fire department provides Juvenile Firesetter classes, Public Safety Education, CPR and First Aid classes, mentoring opportunities for paramedic students, Knox box installations, and installs smoke alarms and replaces alarm batteries in residential homes.

A six-person Fire Board administers the Fire Department of Bellevue-Dayton.     Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday in February, April, June, August, October and December at the Bellevue Callahan Center.     Fire Board meetings are open to the public and residents are always encouraged to attend.

Notice Regarding Open Burning

Open Burn Permits are now available at the Fire Station.   Please be sure to stop by and get a free Open Burn Permit BEFORE you begin to burn yard waste.   For more information about open burning within the cities of Bellevue and Dayton, please visit our Open Burn Permit Information page, or call the Fire Department at 261-0083.



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